The greatest joy

Callan Reeves Dobbin is home today.

Clever lad: He decided to make the joy of a first grandchild’s homecoming even greater by giving us a little scare at the start. Callan was born at 12:01am on August 11, 8lbs, 7oz. On emerging into our world, he had some trouble breathing, so he spent his first days in the neonatal intensive care unit…getting a little stronger every day, until at last his parents were allowed to take him home this morning!


‘Look, Ma, pacifier AND nasal cannula, pretty good stuff, am I right?’

With his lovely mama:


And his terrific dad (who was once MY baby…):


Proud paternal grandfather:


The two grans made chocolate-dipped strawberries for the wonderful nursing staff on both the postpartum and NICU wards:


The new family!



‘So I’m going home for the first time, what’s the big deal?’

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love so hard and fast….

8 thoughts on “The greatest joy

  1. Linda Sue,
    Tim and I were thrilled to hear of little Cal’s birth from Mel. Congratulations to all! What a lucky little guy to be born into the wonderful Park clan! And such a cutie pie he is…..enjoy every day with him!
    Mary Sue Smith

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