The day after tomorrow

As the shock begins to wear off, I’m trying to think, not just feel.

And here’s what I’m thinking. The United States as a nation is changing, from majority white to majority olive/tan-and-darker. It’s inevitable, and no wall or deportation program can stop it.

This election is part of a last gasp. The barbed tail flailing, the frantic claws. The days of white (and mostly male) dominance are slowly coming to an end here, and those who do not wish to see the change have lashed out with all their misdirected strength.

It may well be their last chance: Our young people voted OVERWHELMINGLY for hope, and against fear and hate.

I do not know how long the death throes will last. I know that it may well be a bitter and noxious time.

But the strength forged in united diversity WILL PREVAIL.

Banish despair. Hold each other up. You inspire me.

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