Random photos

From Chicago and elsewhere.


Friends Grace and Iris who, with my longtime college pal Steve, shared a great meal with me at Frontera Grill in Chicago.


Art Institute of Chicago Picasso exhibit: ‘Mother and Child’, with lost-and-found Dad.


The guy could *draw*…


Always gotta check out the Korean celadon.


Latest knitting project. Knitters out there will know what I’m talking about: the triumph of finding…


…the Perfect Buttons.

And last but certainly not least: Through the efforts of librarian John Scott, I’ve skyped a couple of times with the Friends School of Baltimore. In my presentation, I talked about how Koreans celebrate Children’s Day–a national holiday–by going on a picnic and flying kites. Well, the school decided to have its own Children’s Day celebration! 🙂 Teacher Jillien Lakatta posted this photo on Twitter:


I thank the stars for great librarians and teachers helping literature come alive for their students.