On Tuesday I finished a two-day visit at Colegio Roosevelt, the American international school in Lima. Librarian John Kurtenbach arranged a great schedule for myself and author Julia Durango, who’s traveling with me. Julia saw the pre-K/K classes and did a joint presentation with me to grades 1-2. I saw grades 3-8. Attentive and enthusiastic audiences. A special shout-out to the Grade 6 group (which included a couple classes of 7th graders), all of whom read A LONG WALK TO WATER–they were my final presentation and a terrific finish to my time at the school.

Julia and I had arrived on Friday evening, so we’d had the weekend to explore Lima before starting work on Monday. On Saturday, John took us to two museums, including the beautiful Museo Larco, and introduced us to Pisco, the Peruvian national beverage. Sunday, we shopped the Indian markets and had dinner at Huanca Pucllana, a restaurant that overlooks an archaeological site that’s dramatically lit at night.

I’m awaiting photos from the school; in the meantime, a few photos from our first days:


Greeting visitors at the Museo Larco: a Peruvian Hairless dog, a native breed. Never seen anything like it!


The ruins at Huanca Pucllana in Lima.


At the Huanca Pucllana restaurant, assorted appetizers. In the foreground, chicharrons de cuy. Cuy is one of Peru’s most famous dishes. (Look it up…)


In the library at Colegio Roosevelt, pointing to the photo of previous visiting author Laurie Halse Anderson.

On the way from the Cusco airport to the Sacred Valley:


Llama llama woolly mama!


Julia and baby llamas.

It’s difficult to post photos from here, so I’ll probably wait until I get home to post more. And there *will* be more…. This is truly an amazing place.