Off-topic but irresistible

I have two grand-dogs. They belong to my son and daughter-in-law, and several days a week, they come to my house during the day to hang out. Their names are Malcolm and Matilda; they’re half-sibling golden doodles (from ).

Matilda is what’s known as a guardian dog; she returns to the breeder when it’s time to have puppies. She just had her first litter–three puppies! I guess they’re my great-grandpuppies?


Tilda, counting to make sure everyone’s there. (They’re hers, even if they don’t look like it–the father is a dark red poodle.)


The biggest puppy, a boy.


Second biggest, another boy, with his other great-grandma.


The teeny-tiny girl–my favorite, so she gets another photo:


Good thing all three of them are already spoken for, or I would have stashed one in my bag….