November 2001

The Kite Fighters is now available in a Braille edition! According to the Braille Book Review, this edition can be ordered through cooperating libraries. And A Single Shard is a Parent’s Choice “Memorable New Title” for 10-13-year-olds.

Bedazzled: John Thorne has long been one of my favorite writers. Recently he posted a review of A Single Shard at his website. To say I’m thrilled is a considerable understatement. Read the review (scroll to the bottom of the page) and while you’re there, check out the rest of his wonderful site:

A new article in the Getting Published section: “The Give and Take of Critique.” Get the most out of your critique group or partner!

WINNERS of the October drawing for a free copy of Seesaw Girl. Enter the new contest for November!

Recent reading: Some wonderful books this month. And don’t forget that I’m still interested in hearing from visitors about their five ‘most memorable’ titles. I wrote about my five a few months ago, and since then have received several lists. Post yours in my guestbook and I’ll add it to the page.

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