My cousin, chef & author


My cousin Ed Lee has a new book out! (And yes, he’s really truly my first cousin: His mom (hi Auntie Soon Ja!) and my dad are sibs. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy: food with Southern and Korean roots!? YUM!

Ed’s restaurant, is in Louisville, Kentucky. These days he’s on a book tour, which last night took him to North Carolina. My lucky parents, brother, and nephew got to eat dishes from Ed’s book, and visit with the author himself!

(Ten years ago, Ed was working in New York at a place called Clay. I ate there with pals Julia Durango and Andrea Beaty. Ed’s food was already really good, but since moving to Kentucky, he’s been truly inspired by the agriculture of the region. It’s driving me crazy that I haven’t gotten to eat his food since then.)


Chef Ed Lee with his aunt & uncle, aka my parents, who report that the food was terrific. Mom’s favorite dish: the fried chicken.


Chef Lee with my nephew Craig, newly minted UPenn grad. If Craig is my nephew, and Ed is my cousin, that makes them…um, first cousins once removed. I think.

Thanks to Fred–Craig’s dad, Ed’s cousin, and my brother–for the photos.

And finally, more congrats to Ed and his wife Dianne on the birth of their first child, Arden Rose (*my* first cousin once removed). Wow, what a busy time for the Lees–new book, new baby–hang in there and get some sleep!