Misc photos, aka ‘things you didn’t know about M.T. Anderson’

November: The Rochester Children’s Book Festival. Captained by Sibby Falk and Kathleen Blasi, with help from scores of volunteers, this event gets better every year. I get to meet hundreds of readers, and hang out with the authors & illustrators.

At the Festival, signing books with the help of a special visitor:

(photo credit: Stephanie Dobbin)


Susan Beckhorn Williams and Paul Zelinsky.


Bruce Coville & Jane Yolen starred (as agent & editor, respectively) in a skit written for the occasion by Sibby Falk and performed at the post-Festival dinner for authors & volunteers.

December: Rochester Area Children’s Writers & Illustrators Christmas party. Graciously hosted by Vicki Schulz in her family’s lovely home, this year’s entertainment was a talent show. The talents on offer were varied and delightful–from Deena Vivian’s recitation of all 44 presidents to Bill Thomas playing the mountain dulcimer to Marsha Hayles arm-wrestling, I learned things about the members that I hadn’t known before! M.T. Anderson was a special guest, and his talent was awe-inspiring: He can play Rossini’s William Tell Overture by hitting himself in the face.

(photo credit: Vivian VandeVelde)

Now if that don’t make you wanna read his books, I don’t know what will. 😉

For the next year or so, I’ll be doing almost no school visits and relatively little travel, for two reasons. One, I’ll be in The Cave, working on a project.

And two, this is my world now…


Wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday season!

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