I love LA

The SCBWI International conference was its usual fabulous self, even fabulouser than usual because it was the 40th anniversary, and the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza positively *glowed* with luminaries from the world of children’s books. Other than attending the board meeting, I had no official duties this year, so all I did was soak up that glow! Too many highlights to list, but a quick and very incomplete list: meeting author Sarah Stewart, watching illustrator David Small draw, breakfast with Norton Juster and his wife Jeanne, hearing Richard Peck and Laurie Halse Anderson and Gary Paulsen speak, seeing many old dear friends, and dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Angelini Osteria! As usual, Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser and the whole SCBWI staff made the weekend truly special, the best possible combination of work and play.

With authors Richard Peck and Sonya Sones.

* * *

Recent reading: It’s summertime, which for me means lots of brain candy.

FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME, by Michael Shaara. Adult fiction, library. A baseball fairy tale. (I have not seen the movie, and folks I trust have told me not to bother.)

DOG ON IT, by Spencer Quinn. Adult mystery, Nook purchase. Chet (dog) and Bernie (detective), from Chet’s point of view. Great fun, especially if you’re a dog lover! (Thanks to Cynthia DeFelice for the recommendation.)

THE BURNING WIRE, ROADSIDE CROSSES, EDGE. All by Jeffery Deaver. Adult mysteries. The first is my favorite of the three, but all of them kept me up into the wee hours reading as fast as I could!

A heavy travel schedule beginning in mid-September looms, so I’m enjoying some quiet time at home. What I’m working on: the first draft of my book for Series 2 of The 39 Clues. I’m picking away at some tangled plot threads, a few of which are curse-inducing, but mostly I’m having a good time.

Summer slipping by a day at a time…enjoy it while it lasts!