From a group of children’s book creators and SCBWI conference veterans

We are heartsick and appalled to hear of the harassment that has taken place at SCBWI events, and are grateful to those who have spoken up about their experiences. Some of us have ourselves been harassed, and we understand the doubt, second-guessing, and confusion that can result from these situations.

We want you to know that the SCBWI leadership has released a new anti-harassment policy, and we support it wholeheartedly. It is now posted on the SCBWI website at People who feel they were harassed at an SCBWI function can come forward by emailing or filling out the online form on the SCBWI website. Complaints filed using the form can be made anonymously.

We love the SCBWI, and it is our hope that its continuing evolution will make the organization even better able to support all of us engaged in the important work of creating books for young readers.


Linda Sue Park
Laurie Halse Anderson
Jane Yolen
Julia Durango
Bruce Coville
Kathleen Ahrens
Susan Patron
Cecilia Yung
Jim Averbeck
Angela Cerrito
Kristin Venuti Clark
Sonya Sones
Lisa Yee