I could not be more excited about this book project! Six female authors, one male author, each writing one of seven linked YA stories, from the individual points of view of . . . HENRY VIII AND HIS SIX WIVES!!!

GENIUS, RIGHT!?? It was author Candace Fleming’s idea, to be published by Schwartz & Wade, Random House Books. The authors?

M.T. Anderson
Jennifer Donnelly
Candace Fleming
Stephanie Hemphill
Deborah Hopkinson
Lisa Sandell
. . . and me!

What an honor to work with these fantastic writers. And what a story–politics and religion and sex and blood and gore and intrigue and jewels and death and more sex, and no wonder it continues to fascinate people five hundred years later.

Besides the excitement inherent in such a brilliant idea and such terrific colleagues, I have another, more personal reason to be joyous here. This seems to me to be a great example of a ‘post-diversity’ project: I’m a POC invited to work on a book that has nothing to do with my ethnicity–while at the same time, it was precisely exploration of my ethnic background which led to my interest in writing historical fiction, which in turn got me this gig.

A baby step at a time…toward a world where there is no danger of the single story. May we all get there together, and soon.

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