Elkins Park: a special school visit

Last week I was in the Philadelphia area, for a wonderful visit to Elkins Park School. Here’s what the sixth grade does each year:

–selects and reads a book, beginning in January. In this case, A SINGLE SHARD.
–writes song lyrics based on scenes in the book, with help from the Living Bookshelf team of Connie Koppe and Bunny Feingold.
–works with a composer (Chuck Holdeman) to set the lyrics to music.
–designs and paints appropriate backdrops, with the help of art teacher Julie Baines.
–designs and produces clever invitations. Those for this year’s event were modeled on a potter’s wheel, with a wedge cut out of it; you spun the wheel to see the relevant info underneath!
–designs and produces programs…which were shaped like a celadon vase 🙂

On the day of my visit, I gave an all-grade presentation and then led two writing workshops. After that, I got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance with the students, teachers, parents, and other guests: Professional singers came to the school and sang the eight songs composed by the students!

Elkins Park1

With Roberta Jacoby (left) and Julie Baines.

Elkins Park2

With some of the students who painted the backdrops.

Elkins Park3

The performance!

Unique. Special. FUN. Many thanks to Roberta Jacoby of Elkins Park, and everyone else who contributed to this amazing day.