Dhaka: a few photos

I haven’t had much of a chance to take photos yet, but Dhaka is so interesting that even my feeble attempts seemed worth posting. Those rickshaws I mentioned earlier? They’re decorated all over:

Dhaka rickshaw
The canopy…

Dhaka rickshaw 2
…the seat and the floorboard. The back too, but I couldn’t get a shot of it, as this one is permanently parked in a corner of the school library.

Dhaka bird
The Lakeshore hotel has a rooftop swimming pool. I spotted this bird there and was quite taken by its long tail…

Dhaka bird 2
Anyone know what kind of bird it is?

Dhaka hands
Sculpture in the lobby of the Lakeshore.

Dhaka orchid
Orchid plant blooming at the American club (ARA) in Dhaka.

Dhaka traffic
Spotted in traffic: a pedal-cart transporting bamboo rods…

Dhaka traffic 2
…that were at least 25 feet long!

Finished first day of presentations: kindergarten, 8th grade, and the whole high school, all great audiences. Tomorrow: 1st, 3rd, & 7th grade. Looking forward to meeting more readers!

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