TODAY is the launch of the second 39 Clues series! The CAHILLS VS. VESPERS series kicks off with Gordon Korman’s THE MEDUSA PLOT.

Here’s a summary from Gordon Korman’s blog:

It’s time for the truth to come out. For 500 years, the Cahill family has dominated history, with members like Mozart, Shakespeare, Ben Franklin, and more. But a shadowy group known as the Vespers has been waiting in the wings, waiting for their turn to stomp across the global stage. At the very same instant in different time zones around the world, seven Cahill cousins are kidnapped. Now Amy and Dan Cahill have just days to deliver a bizarre series of high-stakes ransoms, or their family members will die. The Cahill kids have to track down and steal priceless artifacts from every corner of the earth – some of the most famous and valuable objects ever created. And all the while, the question remains: Just what are the Vespers REALLY after?

Check out the awesome ALL-NEW website:

See the TV commercial that’s running nationally in major markets:

And remember, five more books will follow–written by Jude Watson, Peter Lerangis, Roland Smith, and David Baldacci! Oops–who have I left out? Oh, that would be ME. I’m writing Book 5 of the series, to be published in December 2012.