From the outside

I don’t know of a single good fiction writer who doesn’t write outside their own experience. Period. But here’s the thing: Not all ‘outsides’ are created equal. (For purposes of this piece, I’m going to use race/skin color. Swap out the terms and it applies to many other minority cultures.) Minorities live in the dominant… Read More

Spring photojournal

I’ve had such an amazing spring, and I yearn to blog about all the events I got to attend… but grandbabies and writing take priority over blogging. Instead, some photos, with thanks to all the wonderful folks who hosted me, and especially to the young readers I had the privilege of meeting. APRIL: Texas Library… Read More

Response to a Twitter post

Ruh-roh. A couple days ago, I read a post on Twitter in which a writer mentioned that he deliberately did not specify his characters’ race/ethnicity because he wanted all readers to be able to identify with them. I’ve heard this before from other writers, including prominent ones. It’s a problem. If a story depicts someone… Read More

A magical 24 hours

The work week in Dubai is Sunday-Thursday, so today (Friday) was the start of the weekend. Late yesterday afternoon, I took a taxi to Dubai’s Public Beach, right smack in the heart of the city. It was very windy, with sand whipping everywhere, but the beach and sea were beautiful, and there were lots of… Read More

“In the Room”

First blog post after a LONG hiatus! I’ve found that I enjoy tweeting, so please follow me on Twitter @LindaSuePark. But some thoughts just won’t fit into 140 characters, no matter how strenuously edited. Ergo… I’m currently serving on the panel of the inaugural Kirkus Prize, Young Readers literature category. Along with John Peters and… Read More

Visiting Alaska: libraries and SCBWI

In Alaska, I got to meet a whole bunch of readers and writers. I have the best job in the world. 🙂 July 2, Seward Community Museum and Library. Librarian Rachel James hosted young readers and their families with snacks and drinks. I talked about books and reading and writing and A LONG WALK TO… Read More


Alaska journal I traveled to Alaska with Hub and Dot. The first week was mostly vacation, followed by presentations for the Anchorage Public Library system. Monday, July 1: Flew into Anchorage around 8:00pm—midnight in New York. Still full daylight. Body very confused. Drove to the hotel, had dinner at a nearby bar & grill (not… Read More

Final post, Dhaka

My final day in Dhaka was a boat trip on the flood plain, arranged by librarian Colleen Boerner. It was a wonderful way to finish a terrific trip. A few last impressions… Women in Bangladesh wear both saris and salwar kameez (tunic & trousers). Library assistant Shuborna in one of her beautiful salwar kameez. Colleen… Read More

Day Three, Taipei American School

(If you want to know about Days One & Two, follow me on Twitter, @LindaSuePark.) A Very Busy Day…and an awesome one. –Two presentations to enthusiastic fifth graders! The lower school library is beautiful, with giant books for room dividers: Librarian Barb Middleton. –After lunch, a hike with Barb up the mountain just a few… Read More


I just got back from India! This post is a long one, so I’ll put most of it behind a cut. Some of my recent reading has been in preparation for the trip; the titles I most enjoyed were: CLIMBING THE MANGO TREES, by Madhur Jaffrey. Memoir by the accomplished actress and food writer. Delicious.… Read More