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This quiz is for zealous Newbery fans only ... good luck!
1. Five authors have won the Newbery Medal twice. Name the authors and their books.
2. Only one author has been awarded both the Newbery Medal and the Newbery Honor in the same year. Name the author and the two books.
3. Who was the first African-American to be awarded the Newbery Medal, and for what book?
4. Two books of poetry have been awarded the Newbery. Titles and authors?
5. Girl Slays Dragon could be a headline for which book?
6. It is said that series books have a more difficult time of winning the Newbery. However, three series books have won the Medal. Name the books, series, and authors.
7. In what year did The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Willem Van Loon win the first-ever Newbery Medal?
8. The Newbery Medal is awarded by which organization? At what event is the winner announced, and for whom is the Medal named?
9. Which periodical publishes the Newbery (and Caldecott) winner's acceptance speech each year?
10. Only one child of a Newbery winner has ever won the Newbery as well. Who were these authors, and what were their books?
11. In the last fifty years, only one nonfiction book has won the Award (not counting the two poetry books). Title and author?
12. Which historical fiction winner features the Spanish painter Velasquez as a secondary character?
13. Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White, has been called the best children's book not to win the Medal. It was published in 1953; which book was chosen over it for the Award that year?
14. Two Medal winners feature dolls as main characters. Can you name them?
15. Glenn Close and Christopher Walken starred in the movie made from which Medal winner?

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