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  Cavern of Secrets
Cavern of Secrets
(Wing and Claw trilogy, Book 2)
illustrated by Jim Madsen
HarperCollins, March 7, 2017

In this second installment of the Wing & Claw series, a young apothecary meets the challenges of new heights of danger, exciting adventure, and intriguing botanical magic.

Raffa Santana has spent all winter hiding in the harsh wilderness of the Sudden Mountains, and now it’s time to return home. Home, where his parents will help him fight back against the vile Chancellor who has captured and altered the wild creatures of the Forest of Wonders. Home, where Raffa’s beloved companion, Echo the bat, will recover from his mysterious sickness.

To get there, Raffa must make a treacherous journey across Obsidia. Along the way, he will discover a luminous plant that might be the key to saving the creatures stuck in the Chancellor’s grasp … if only Raffa can unlock the plant’s secrets and deliver the cure to the captive animals.

Cavern of Secrets explores one boy’s responsibility to his friends, family, and the wider world.


"In this second installment, readers pick up again with protagonist Raffa Santana. Having successfully led the escape of a very special bear, Roo, from government captors with terrible ambitions, Raffa and company hide out in the woods through winter. This time, they are on a quest to get back into the governmental hub of Gilden in an attempt to foil all of the devious and dastardly plans that the Chancellor has in store for their homeland. On their way, the group must make perilous stops at their respective homes and deal with the results of their actions. The real magic in this book comes from the personal relationships that Park crafts. The characters see the consequences that their actions had on their families, which imbues the narrative with a true level of realism and emotion. All of the things that made readers fall in love with the first volume, from Raffa’s apothecary to Kuma’s way with animals to Echo’s quirky dialogue, are back in full force. The story is effectively paced and well told. The ending does little to wrap up the adventure but still leaves fans at an acceptable stopping point in Raffa’s journey. VERDICT An excellent follow-up in a strong new fantasy series; ideal for most middle grade collections." —School Library Journal, Chad Lane, Tulip Grove Elementary School, MD

"The nail-biting adventure, relevant moral dilemmas, and complex characters will leave readers eager for the final installment. "  —Kirkus Reviews

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