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  A Long Walk to Water
Kindle Edition

A Long Walk to Water: based on a true story
Clarion Books, November 15, 2010


“There have been several books about the lost boys of Sudan for adults, teens, and even for elementary-school readers. But Newbery Award–winning Park’s spare, immediate account, based on a true story, adds a stirring contemporary dimension ...Teachers may want to point out the allusion to Nelson Mandela’s A Long Walk to Freedom (1995) echoed in this moving book’s title.” —Booklist, starred review, Hazel Rochman

“... [Park's] spare, hard-hitting novel delivers a memorable portrait of two children in Sudan--one an 11-year-old Lost Boy, Salva, who fled in 1985 and later immigrated to the United States, and 11-year-old Nya, who collects water for her village in 2008. ... well-chosen details and a highly atmospheric setting ... The eventual connection of Salva and Nya's stories offers the promise of redemption and healing.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“ ... Both story lines are spare, offering only pertinent details. ... This minimalism streamlines the plot, providing a clarity that could have easily become mired in depressing particulars. The two narratives intersect in a quiet conclusion that is filled with hope.” —School Library Journal, starred review, Naphtali L. Faris, Saint Louis Public Library, MO

“... Salva’s heroism and the truth that water is a source of both conflict and reconciliation receive equal, crystal-clear emphasis in this heartfelt account.” —Kirkus Reviews

“... Park’s brilliant dual narrative provides a soulful insight into both journeys. ... The book’s denouement intertwines their stories in a soul-satisfying and optimistic way. ... A Long Walk to Water is based on Salva Dut’s true story of perseverance amid adversity. But beyond that, it’s a touching narrative about strife and survival on a scale most American readers will never see." — Bookpage, Sharon Verbeten

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