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  The Kite Fighters
The Kite Fighters
The Kite Fighters
Clarion Books, March 20, 2000
Ages 9 and up


“Besides catching the excitement of the ancient sport, the novel deals with intense sibling rivalry engendered by Korean family tradition. ... An author's note authenticates some historical points in the fictional story, which feels consistently well-grounded in its time and place.” —Booklist

“Tradition and family loyalty come into question in this book by the recently named Newbery Medalist, set in Seoul, Korea, in 1473. Two brothers anticipate the annual New Year's Kite competition, wondering how to balance convention and love for one's talent.” —Publishers Weekly

“Though the story is set in medieval times, the brothers have many of the same issues facing siblings today. They play and argue, they compete for their father's attention, and eventually develop a greater understanding of one another. The author has drawn her characters with a sure touch, creating two very different boys struggling to figure out who they are. With ease and grace, Park brings these long-ago children to life.” —School Library Journal

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