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  Keeping Score
Keeping Score
Keeping Score
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Keeping Score
Clarion Books, March 17, 2008
ages 9 and up, 208 pages

Both Maggie and her brother, Joey-Mick, were named after baseball great Joe D’Maggio. But they aren’t Yankee fans. Their team is the Brooklyn Dodgers. And although Maggie doesn’t play baseball, she knows the game. She can recite stats, understands complicated plays, cheers when the Dodgers win—and suffers when they lose.

But even with Maggie’s support, the Dodgers fail to win the Series, season after season.

And the letters she sends to her friend and baseball mentor, Jim—serving in Korea—aren’t answered. Nothing Maggie does helps. Maybe it doesn’t make any difference at all.

Or maybe it does.


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