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Gondra's Treasure
Gondra's Treasure
illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhardt
Clarion Books, April 2, 2019
Language: English
40 pages, ages 4-8

Gondra has inherited traits from both her eastern (Asian) dragon dad and western (European) dragon mom and enjoys them all. She's especially happy that she's a combination of both. Cheerful banter and hilariously adorable dragon portrayals present a warm, appealing family portrait. The beautiful and fanciful illustrations are rich in whimsical details that invite repeated readings.


" … the focus of the story is clearly on Gondra's ancestry, and how she is the beautiful product of her mixed heritage. Her loving parents don't need caves full of treasure or a "magic pearl to control the weather" because "times change," and Gondra is "the best treasure ever."
Shelf Awareness, starred review (Read the full review.)

"Writing in the chatty voice of her protagonist, Park captures the easygoing, day-to-day intimacy of a family animated and anchored by unconditional love …. Gondra is wonderfully imagined … bright-eyed, adventurous, resilient.” —Publishers Weekly (Read the full review.)

“The story is a little bit about biracial kids, but it’s also about the different portrayals of dragons from different cultures—the way that very different mythologies included giant reptilian creatures, perhaps inspired by dinosaur bones, and how different those dragons turned out.” —GeekDad (Read the full review.)


A Conversation with Linda Sue Park and Jennifer Black Reinhardt

Gondra’s Treasure! Interview with Linda Sue Park,” Jennifer Black Reinhardt, Picture Book Builders, 16 Apr 2019

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